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My name is Joe Khoury; I’ve been working in the software engineering field for about 20 years. I worked as a software engineer for 15 years, loving every minute of it. But I never enjoyed my job as much as these last five years when I became a people manager and technology leader at my company. I started this career because I loved technology, I now love my career because of the people.

One of The Secrets to Raising Happy Kids: Calm Bedtimes and Mornings


This post is part of Principle 5: Grow your foundation. While Management Through Leadership emphasizes caring for others, prioritizing self-care is equally important. This category encompasses various topics related to personal development, including but not limited to health, fitness, parenting, finances, education, career growth, stress management, and relationships. Picture this: it’s...

3 Relationship Building Skills from “How to Win Friends and Influence People” for Better Communication and Leadership


A few days ago, I was listening to a Tim Ferriss podcast with CEO Coach Matt Mochary. A couple of things caught my attention: Matt’s smooth approach to communication and his intense and genuine interest in Tim’s story. I believe his listening skill was a significant factor in being able to help coach Tim through his situation. Tim was discussing his five-year relationship that had just ended. His...

How To Influence an Effective and Safe Team Culture


Building a safe, collaborative, thoughtful, stimulating, productive, innovative, and effective team requires a safe, collaborative, thoughtful, stimulating, productive, innovative, and effective culture. The Google Aristotle project revealed this insight: “For a team to be effective, members need to work really well together.” For that to occur, you need a safe team culture for team...

First 3 Steps to combining Management and Leadership for new managers


“Empower don’t micromanage, but also be productive and result oriented. Deliver on time, and under budget, while building happy and fulfilled teams. Grow your career but also grow your team members’ careers.” – Seems like a bunch of oxymorons.  But these are some of the responsibilities of a manager. As you can see, there are managerial tasks intertwined with leadership concepts...

Introduction to management through leadership, to my blog and To Me.


Disclaimer: This is not another leadership blog. This blog is my attempt to: Introduce the concept of “Management Through Leadership”. Help new managers understand their new job, role, and responsibility. Help existing managers reflect on their current role and take it to the next level. Emphasize the extremely important role managers play in helping employees have successful and...